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Saturday, January 30, 2010

20 facts about kim jonghyun

1. Has been said that the first line of “Love like oxygen” sounds like Michael Jackson’s style. “It does sound like it a bit.”, he admits it himself, but Usher is still irreplaceble, definitely!
2. “Bling Bling Jonghyun”, does it sound weird? He uses it all the time, be it during messaging or talking, he uses it. Because he loves R&B and Hip-hop too much, he wishes that he can shine forever (like bling bling). If you want it difficult to call that, “Hey Bling” can be used, thats what the members call him.
3. Will tend to talk at a really fast speed when he gets nervous, but because he talks a lot usually, nobody ever notices that habit of his.
4. There is no shortcut to acheiving perfection, just hard work and more hard work, if he is unable to take it, he will hide in the toilet for a cry, and then continue to work even harder during practice.
5. Has a lot of charisma on stage, but is very endearing and fun to be with off stage, before debut, he chats with Taemin everyday when returning home, is the member who is the most unanimous with his relaxation and lifestyle.
6. “If I meet an alien, I will definitely be scared at first, but after awhile when I get to know it, I will consider how to send it back home.”
7. Regardless of anything, no matter how many times he had performed on stage, whenever he hears his own song he will still get exceptionally excited, will lipsynch along, dance along, fidget around in his seat, even when he chokes on water he will still remain engrossed.
8. A very lively student in high school, able to digest English and Korean songs very well. Formed a band, composed music during that time, believes that if you truly like something, it is not difficult to persevere on.
9. Understands the importance of heath, so does not eat stuff like instant noodles even when he is very hungry. To practise on an empty stomach is definitely tough, but in comparison, won’t it feel really good to finally eat a full meal during breakfast? — After tolerating for so long, it’s finally time to enjoy.
10. Is not scared of the camera at all, a 180 degree display or 360 degree all show? Just state it.
11. Feels that he is a good hyung, and a good dongseng to the members, if not for the fact that they always interrupt him which makes him flares up at them shouting “Keep quiet!” at times, his image is pretty perfect.
12. Makes total and absolute preparation for everything, will even stay up overnight without sleep to prepare. If his progress does not meet his own expectations, he will feel restless and a little short tempered.
13. Likes girls who seek novelty at times, is willing to accept the age gap of up to 6 years…What about 7 years?….8 years?
14. Why cover up if you make a mistake, just admit it truthfully won’t it be good?
15. Taemin is very good, but too young. If he were to become a girl, it will be better to let Key be his boyfriend, setting aside the good personality, Key is very honest, which fits his view in life, refer to point 14.
16. Has a lot of notices, will show off to his members after returning to the dorm. Will also miss his members whom he don’t know what they are doing while he is at certain shows/programs, if there is a chance, he will like to bring all his members along.
17. The only secret to maintaining a good complexion despite a very hectic schedule is to simply maintain a positive mindset.
18. Is very proficient in the guitar, bass and piano.
19. Wakes up the earliest in the dorm, will wake up Key after he is done with washing up, Key will then wake Onew up, then Taemin and lastly, Minho — “I am the one who wakes up the earliest! I am most confident about it!”
20. “How do I wash the rice? Why doesn’t Key umma know?! …So you have to wash it like this, Taemin? Wow!”
Matters needing attention:
Rebellious: A common puberty failing, it’s a phase that all teenagers will experience.
The X catalyst: Commanding orders, such as “You want me to do this?”, “You have to settle this.”
The O catalyst: Be more natural at it, as long as you don’t make him feel suppressed, he will always come to you, and is willing to endure hardship gladly.

20 facts about kim kibum

1. Will go to the CD shop and ask, “Where are the SHINee CDs? Are they selling well?” Cares about his welfare in outlook in life.
2. “Right from when we are trainees till now, the one who sings really well, dances superbly, gets angry only when it is an occasion to be angry about, makes people feel that “this guy is really amazing!”, that person is Key.” (JONGHYUN)
3. Has a love-hate relationship with horror movies and horror stories, he yearns for them but he is also scared of them, he likes them but he also dislikes them. He lost his composure/image in the cinema many times because of that, he is only able to rent horror movies/dramas to watch at home to continue scaring himself.
4. “I don’t want a fantasy romance like those in the movies, I look towards a realistic and truthful relationship.” Honest, straighforward and open minded girls are OK, but girls who are soft on the outside but really fierce on the insides are a NO. Must have an opinion, not be too girly, and must like to freely express what she likes.
5. In terms of dressing up as girls, Taemin is the most suitable, but the prettiest is still the one who is looking into the mirror (ie. Key), if he really wants to do it, even a true woman will not be able to match up to him. (Proudly)
6. Is confident that he can be a gourmet chef, nobody can escape his dumplings trap.
7. “To be an idol, it’s not enough to just put in effort in the front appearance, your back appearance is important too.”
8. Good at saying honeyed words, but hearing lines like “Are you hurt? I am hurting too.” makes him burst out in laughter.
9. “If I were to become Yunhanam’s director, the viewing rates ought to be able to rise.” (smug)
10. His personal talent is imitating a robotic character from a cartoon show, the classic line being “Woah! Money! With money anything can be done!!”
11. Good at preparing, good at analyzing, belongs to the kind who is able to work out a plan from scratch with just a single detail.
12. “You cannot avoid me, you must look at me in the eyes.”
13. It’s his nature to take care of people? At first he was just Taemin’s umma, after that his nagging extends to include all of the members, and now it is becoming that he nags at whoever he sees.
14. Still nagging. Because he has been too naggy, Taemin really wants to change his umma now…
15. Become a girl? Then he would date all the other members once and see how it is. Does not know how it is like when they are in front of a girl, he is really curious about it.
16. “The person who is able to meet an ET who has come to earth and not feel scared but instead in able to converse naturally with it is Key…Even if he is left on an abadoned island, he will still be able to find a way to survive.” (JONGHYUN)
17. As long as he is being sincerely asked to do something, he will do it no matter how unwilling he is, even if he does not like to do it.
18. Sentimental and sensitive, even if it just a piece of paper from someone who he cares about, he will take really good care of it.
19. The group’s No.1 in fashion. Red, white, blue, it is normal for him to carry off these colours which are easy to carry off, but for colours like pink and grass green which are more difficult to pull off, he is still able to do it.
20. “I hope that this album can receive a lot of love from everyone, and, if only our friends all know SHINee’s songs, they only know ‘Noona is so pretty’ …”
Matters needing attention:
Height phobia: Will feeling giddy, disgusted, off balanced when standing on high grounds, feels very dangerous if he is suspended in midair.
The X catalyst: Rollercoaster or bungee jump or water slide…
The O catalyst: Standing with both foot on the ground.

20 facts about choi minho

1. “Hello everyone, I am SHINee’s Flaming Charisma Minho. I have to talk for more than a minute? What can I say? One minute is too long!”
2. “Minho looks like a main character of a manga” (ONEW) “He is a living existence of selfishness!” (KEY) “When I first saw him, I thought “Ah! So handsome! Especially the eyes!” (JONGHYUN)
3. Has no concept about money, no concept about taking care of his health, has no concept about maintaining handsome or not — Why waste so much energy thinking about this kind of things?
4. If he were to pick the most handsome pose, it would be just to stand there properly. What he is most confident of: not blinking for 3 minutes!
5. “I will buy our album this time too, and keep it as a personal collection.”
6. Feels happiest when he is on stage singing and dancing, really. When singing, he will persevere on to the very end, and when singing, he will imeerse himself into the song until the last note ends. If it is not his song, it is even easier for him to get involved, like “Rokkugo”.
7. An inquisitve baby, is curious about everything. If he doesn’t do anything then it is fine, but if he goes about doing something, he must do it to his best capacity, a perfectionist.
8. Does not talk usually, but hopes that the members can become closer amongst each other, to become “forever SHINee”.
9. “The album is really manly and wild, Minho!” “They said we are manly and wild…(looks at other members) Is that good?”
10. His ideal type just need to be of an average height, must definitely be kind at heart, have long hair, wears dresses frequently — Ah, will just secretly laugh when thinking about it.
11. When singing “Love like oxygen”, he thinks of his fantasy girl (embarassed)
12. Sits upright and listens attentively on screen, but plays crazily off screen, occassionally will trip over the stairs and will turn back and glare at the stairs.
13. “Honestly, if I am a girl, the member from SHINee that I will definitely date is Taemin.”
14. Is good at doing everything, and is able to understand and analzye matters effectively — in reality, he is very aware if the people around him are comfortable or not — except when he is the camera PD: he still does not understand how to make the people in the scene stand properly.
15. “I have never seen a ghost, but I would like to see one.”
16. According to Taemin, Minho’s sleeping pyjamas is the cutest, but what is the pattern then? Flowers and grass? Animals? Hearts? It is unanswered.
17. “It shall be it then.” (catchphrase)
18. Does not have a personal talent. Does playing soccer counts? I am good at playing soccer, do you want to have a match someday?
19. Does not want to be hypocritical, refuses to be half hearted and insincere, if very straightforward in personality.
20. It’s not that he cannot be crazy, it’s not that he cannot lead, it’s not that he is not attracted to girls, you just to get hold of the that one single point that makes him interested and wait for him to give you a suprise.
Matters needing attention:
Fretting: The most boring part about him is when he is bored, but when the most exciting thing is when he starts to fret. If all his frettings show themselves, then this world would be very much interesting.
The X catalyst: Uses a lot of effort to try to extend the topic and directing the atmoshpere.
The O catalsyst: Bring a puppy to him and wait for him to say stuff like “It’s so cute, looking at it makes me feel happy”, when that happens, he will naturally talk more.

2o facts about lee jinki/onew

1. Nicknamed “tofu”. “Pure tofu”, “ondubu”, they all refer to him. Uses the introduction “I am only~you~ Onew” taught to him by Leeteuk and at times, switches to “Hello, my name is Michael Jackson(sincerely)!”
2. Feels shy about presenting himself to people, and because of it, he did not dare to participate in auditions. When he was a trainee, everyone else seems to be improving everyday, while he seems to be staying stagnant and not improving, that to him is the saddest period of his life up till now.
3. When performing on stage for the first time, he could not see anything in front of him, and even forgot the lyrics before going up on stage. But he thought of his parents who were sitting in front of the stage, he thought “Yes, I must look for them”, and thus calmed down gradually.
4. The Leader who commits the most mistakes during practices; the Leader who feels respoonsible for the group and solves problem, the Leader who will just zone out from time to time, the Leader who still stays strong despite sporting swollen, red eyes under the glaring lights, the Leader who cries in the car secretly after getting injured.
5. “Rather than saying that I use certain methods to make the sunbaes like me, I am just working hard to be respectful.” It is this thought that accompanies the 90 degree bow everytime.
6. Infamous NG King. “You just cannot not NG can’t you!” (KEY)
7. “Honestly, amongst all of the SHINee members, in the terms of looks, physique, expression…and everything is charismatic and the only phrase to describe the person is ‘near perfection’, that member is — ME!”
8. Good in studying, was second in the entire school before. To him, it’s nothing to be very proud of, because everyone has their own strengths that is irreplaceable by others, isn’t it more important to discover that strength and make use of it?
9. Because he got curious after hearing that “if there is something heavy on your chest, your thoughts will become heavy too, and you will experience illusions”, so he went went to sleep hugging a box, hoping to enter a land of illusions but nothing happened…
10. Looks gentle and quiet, but is very ambitious at attempting to be humourous, is always very enthusiastic about trying various methods to hype up the atmosphere behind the scenes. Also possesses the ability to freeze the atmosphere with whatever he says, but there are just once or twice a year when people do feel that he is funny.
11. ‘What should you do if you are a victim of the SHINee poison?’ ” …Go to the hospital for cure! (innocently, seriously)
12. Can be quite blur at times. “Our album will be released in May (firmly) …. It’s already August now?! ….Oh then it should be in September…Ah (manager glares at him) No no, it’s in August, end of August…”
13. His idea type is something who has character, good personality, is responsible, knows how to cook, looks good in appearance, the hands must be especially pretty, and the most important aspect — it must be a noona!
14. If met with unbearable situations, changes mindset from “I have to do ____ before its fine?” to “It’s just doing _____ then it will be alright” and it will work. Be it heaven or hell, what matters is how you view it.
15. Tied his hair with the filigree(the golden strip thing) used to package bread, that was when he was really young, and had really long hair…
16. Strong at adapting, when dressing up as a girl for the first time, he felt fascinated and awkward, but after awhile he was able to start dancing sexy dances. If he does changes into a girl? He would probably date Key. Unique, strong personality, very interesting, just like his cup of tea.
17. Does not hide his worry about the possibility of him commiting mistakes because he is does not feel capable of it. “Can I do it well?”, “Will it be safe?”, “Will I get into trouble?”, whatever comes to mind he will voice it out, and after that, will feel more daring to continue on.
18. Suffers from the “Floudering about” syndrome, will sink into a state of baffling nervousness whenever he does not know how to answer something. When it comes to handling the direction of a conversation, it will be fine if he is not nevous, but once he ends up panicking, he will want to shout “umma”.
19. Will wake up early to make roast meat for Taemin, but sleep is also very important, must have a good sleep, eat well and abstain from unhealthy snacks — how else to maintain such a good complexion?
20. The most memorable present. the most treasured present, the happiest present received: Everyone’s love. How about using this year’s Newcomer Award to repay that? That is a precious gift that can only received once in a lifetime, want to receive it, and then…Hehe, not telling you! …Did I say that?…Eh….
Matters needing attention:
Onew condition: Turning quiet suddenly, not talking to anyone, just sitting there in a daze; committing mistakes in most unlikely and unexpected situations, it is fine that others are baffled and fascinated by it but the main thing is that he does not even know why, muddles up from time to time, for details refer to point 12 above. If any of the above mentioned is committed, it is termed the “Onew condition”.
The X catalyst: Forcefully trying to bring him back into the reality world; questions why he commits such a baffling mistake; and reasoning with him.
The O catalyst: Wait for him to return to earth; laugh along with him. If he falls or trips, silently observe if he is trying to conceal his pain and divert other’s attention from his injury with his smile; take what he says as the final say, do not take it too seriously, since most of the time he commits blunders on what everyone else already know, even if he does not correct it, you will already know the right answer…

20 facts about lee taemin

1. Must never forget to smile.
2. Carries a bag containing a lot of sweets around, all with a SHINee logo attached on it. Will give out these sweets whenever he sees noonas.
3. Has been said by many that he is good at aegyo, but will in actualy face, use half aegyo and half forcing to get what he wants, for example, mumbles “I want to be a director too” constantly while using his butt to push others.
4. Has been said that he is cute too many times, but “does not want others to say that I am cute”.
5. When first debuted, is used to blinking a lot when speaking, it is a lot better now, but somehow it has become a hot topic after Key umma has imitated it.
6. Will run around the practise room with a bottle/packet of milk in his mouth, spends a lot of time in the waiting room studying and rushing his holiday assignments and preparing for exams.
7. Being on stage is something to be enjoyed, and dance is the what makes him derives the most joy from. The title is just to attraction people to watch, you should only believe in what you see.
8. His dancing ability has been widely recognised, but do you know that his rap is pretty MAN too? Go listen to “Love should go on”.
9.Do not think that he is a child with a huge generation gap between the two of you, he idolises “MJ” and also likes to imitate Seo Taiji — “I don’t know anything!”
10. “I really don’t know anything!” (catchphrase)
11. Can transform an ardent swordsman into a kawaii youth, and can change the action of pulling out a sword to just raising a fire torch.
12. “When I first saw Taemin, I thought he was really pretty. At that time there was a trainee noona in front of him, and Taemin was even prettier than her.” (EUNHYUK)
13. Does not feel that he has a talent that can matches up to Onew, but if he were to do it(Onew’s talent)…he can do it too!
14. A very obedient child, even if he is asked to sit on someone’s lap, or getting hugged or being lifted up on someone’s shoulder, he does not object. He’s so young that the sunbaes find it hard to see him as a rising artiste who is catching up with them, but he is beginning to present a star’s disposition.
15. Knows how to play, and will play. A finger and a camera. that’s his best friend.
16. “Hyung, do you know what is love?” (to the rest of members)
17. “If I am a girl, I will choose to date Minho, because he is Flaming Charisma!”
18. “In the show, Yunhanam, the person who is the best at making a girl happy is Taemin.” (KEY) But he is still at a stage when he is more enthusiastic of dogs than girls.
19. If there is true love involved, how can age be limiting, isn’t there a guy who married a really old grandmother?
20. Has the care and concern of the hyungs, the love and care of the noonas, it’s really nice. If only he can see his family more…Hyung, saranghae…
Matters needing attention:
Competitve: You can treat him as a exclusive young man but in front of him, you better see him as a man at heart.
The X catalyst: “Taemin ah, you go and do _____ k — You are the youngest!”
The O catalyst: Chant silently “He is a man! Do not be charmed by his smile

gamba cilok

gamba dari ms kawan gua~ade yg aku knal dan ade yg aku tak kenal bangi baguih bah!!
dlm gamba~capik,jiman,mukhriz,fawwaz,shahdan,imran basri,afiq mansor,iylia adwa ngan iylia syahirah,edy,fatin amira,syamil,emylia,siti farwizah,atiqah syahira...ngan lain2 >>>XD

Friday, January 29, 2010


tada pa yg istimewa....cuma aku terasa bohsan~nasib baek ade mtv ngan V...ops lupe lak kbs..
ni lar senarai cerita atau even aku tgk..bla 3x
monday~music bank (skrang ni lagu byk yg tak besh )
tuesday~star golden bell (kalau ade guest yg aku ske baru aku,suju,dongho ngan lain2...aku malas nak tulis...bla)
wednesday~let go dream team (kya!!!!!! minho hawting...and cutie babish face joongki X3...cuci mata gua)
thursday~hari boring
friday~music bank live...nya nya nya
....kalau mtv lak aku dgr asian takeway stiap puko 6.
V hari rabu puko 8 ngan khamis puko 2...mcm leh tgk T_T
pasal seoul song lak..aku dgr 4 kali sehari T_T..x bleh bla...bygkan seminggu aku dgr 4 kali 7~28 kali dgr seminggu lol...kalo sebulan?? *-*...seoul song bleh ddgr kat Plug,playlist,countdown,asian takeaway ngan lain2 dowh....
lagu yg paling jrg aku dgr ialah lagu dbsk ngan shinee...herm...SM to strict..hate hate hate...tapi lagu suju bleh lak byk kali...yg x leh bla kan...lagu yg lama mcm lagu fire 2ne1 ble lak masuk playlist walaupown dah dekat setahun direleasekan....(bhs rojak)...tapi ok ar semalam lagu2 besh mcm mirotic,sorry sorry ngan lain2 yg aku tak ingat...

lagu satu~mak aku terpengaruh nak tgk MV kpop disebabkan aku??
haha...mak aku ckp die ske kyuhyun cbb die comey ngan heechul sbb die kacak...aku pown rasa heechul nie hencem cuma die ni pelik ckit....sbb ape die pelik....
1~die penah kiss ngan juwon Trax,suwon ngan sungmin WTH?? tapi dia ckp peminat die suwoh wat...jadi yg gay ialah peminat dowang...~dont burn me
2~die suka wat hairstyle rambot panjang...tapi die cantik so aku tak Mv U..
kalo nak tgk die howt tgk MV its U..X3
kalo shinee lak...mak aku ckp minho hensem aw~ngan lagi satu main point ialah dia ckp taemin comey...haahahahh...sape tak leh thn dgn kecomelan die....aku penah bace kat blog sape tah...taemin nie penah menyamar jadi pompuan dan disuruh jln kat bdr ngan 5 budak pompuan asli yg cantik,kiut miut...producer suwoh org awam pilih yg mana plg awam 2 pilh taemin lol walaupown dia lagi cantik dari budak pompuan...oklar panjang sungguh karangan aku hari nie...tapi aku sungguh x puas hati ngan MTV ngan V sbb jarang siarkan lagu dbsk walaupown dowang popular...herm...i guess??
besok gi pc fair~yahoo!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

happy BufdaY~

26 JanUaRy 1986~happy Bufday to JaejOong XD

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lee TaeMin PrOfiLe






~ star golden bell~2009

Lee Taemin (이태민), born July 18, 1993 (1993-07-18) (age 16), commonly known as Taemin, is the main dancer of the group. He was born and raised in Seoul. He is the youngest member in group. He was discovered at the "2005 S.M. Open Weekend Audition Casting ".Taemin debuted as an actor in the sitcom Tae-hee Hye-gyo Ji-hyeonee

POB: Dongbong-gu, Seoul

Height: 175cm

Weight: 50 kg

Position: Sub-vocal, Lead dancer

Education: Graduated middle school

Nickname: Handy Boy Taemin (Always prepared)

Family: Parents, older brother

Interest: Listening to Music, Popping (dance), Piano, Mandarin
PS~next profile??
maybe minho

PSS~saje jer letak gamba taemin byk2

happy birthday 2 Lee JunhO XD

25 JanuaRy 1990~happy bufday 2 cutie Lee Junho(2 Pm)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Super Junior Datang ke Malaysia~UtUsAn

DIANGGOTAI 13 jejaka bergaya, kumpulan ini telah mencetus fenomena serta mencipta populariti yang mengagumkan di Korea. Tampil dengan alunan Korea Pop atau dikenali sebagai K-Pop, mereka muncul di persada muzik dengan pakej yang cukup menarik dengan pengawalan vokal bertenaga.
Ditubuhkan pada 2005, sehingga kini kumpulan yang dinamakan Super Junior ini telah pun menghasilkan 19 buah album termasuk pelbagai koleksi album runut bunyi.
Apa yang membanggakan, dikalangan anggota ada yang bukan sahaja mampu bergabung sebagai penyanyi menerusi Super Junior malah berkecimpung dalam dunia lakonan, pengacaraan serta pemuzik.
Super Junior pernah menerima pelbagai anugerah utama antarabangsa seperti di MTV Asia Awards 2008 selaku Artis Pilihan Korea dan Anugerah Muzik Hiburan CCTV 2008. dengan meraih anugerah Album Terbaik serta Kumpulan Paling Popular.
Menjengah ke 2009, Super Junior menambah koleksi penganugerahan di Golden Disk Awards dengan anugerah Album of the Year (Sorry, Sorry), Album Terbaik serta Samsung YEPP Popularity Award.
Justeru, atas populariti dan kejayaan yang diraih, Super Junior bakal bertandang ke Malaysia untuk menjayakan sebuah konsert jelajah Asia memandangkan mereka juga mempunyai peminat yang bukan sedikit di negara ini.
Bakal berlangsung 20 Mac ini di Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, konsert dinamakan Super Junior The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show 2 Live In Malaysia 2010 itu dianjurkan oleh Redstar Presents dan diuruskan menerusi Marctensia serta Warner Music.
Super Junior sebelum ini pernah melawat Malaysia atas undangan menghadiri Anugerah MTV Asia pada dua tahun lalu.
Menurut kenyataan yang dikeluarkan oleh Marctensia, rancangan membawa Super Junior ke Malaysia menjadi realiti selepas beberapa kali mengadakan perbincangan bersama pengurusan artis kumpulan tersebut iaitu SM Entertainment dan penganjur.
Konsert tersebut, jelas kenyataan itu, akan berlangsung pada pukul 7 malam dengan tiket dijual pada harga RM138 dan RM238 untuk ruangan tempat duduk bernombor.
Bagi tiket berharga RM458 pula, penonton boleh memilih tempat duduk bernombor atau kawasan Rock Pitt.
Setiap pembelian dua keping tiket, peminat berpeluang mendapatkan poster edisi terhad Super Junior.
Bagaimanapun, poster berkenaan terhad untuk 500 pembeli tiket terawal sahaja.
“Untuk peminat Super Junior yang ingin mendapatkan tiket dan tempat duduk menarik, tiket akan mula dijual pada 18 hingga 29 Januari ini,” kata kenyataan itu.
Bagi anda yang ingin mendapatkan tiket berkenaan bolehlah ke T- Hop Zone, Tingkat 6, Plaza Sungei Wang, Kuala Lumpur.
Untuk sebarang pertanyaan mengenai konsert, peminat Super Junior boleh melayari lawan web atau dan menghubungi talian 03-2092 1199 (Marctensia) serta 03-7711 5000 (Axcess Ticketing).
Super Junior dianggotai Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Ryeowook, Hangeng, Heechul, Siwon, Kibum, Kangin, Leeteuk, Yesung, Sungmin dan Shindong.

Monday, January 18, 2010

new crush 2010 X3

song joonki and jung jinwoon...just like a cute baby <3

happy bufday~correction

15 JanuAry~happy Bufday 2 Kim Junsu...
actually im confuse with junho and junsu or other people call them jun brother~
summary~15 jan-junsu
25 jan-junho
that a correction XD

Sunday, January 17, 2010

HaPPy BuFdAy

17 JaNuArY~Happy BufdaY 2 kanGin Super JuniOr,kiSeop u kIss and My deAr FrieNd eDrynA...XD

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

lollipop f(x) version~

2PM new single~

Tik ToK ~2pm

onew+song joongki

onew shinee
song joongki
i know those pic doesnt very fit 2 show their 'look alikeness'...but their doesnt have much pic especially joongki..u can see their face similarly by looking at the Mv,vid or whatever~just search it LOL !!!!!
last pic for commercial...XD
PS~shinee guys look so cute..XD but wth with kyuhyun face 2 white???..i think this pic is from golden disk award


aku rasa sungguh bosan hari nie....kat skolah kena brainwash dgn guru kaunseling...herm tau2 je lar~kat umah boring thp giga skematik isotops..mcm belajar chemistry pulak...thn baru cina lambat agi ar..T_T...walaupun hari nie aku tak tension sgt mcm awal2 sekola hari 2...bole lar paham chemistry ngan add math yg dipelajari hari nie.....not bad

PS~nak beli hencet baru XD

Saturday, January 09, 2010

TaeMin SHINee CrOss dRessInG PiC XD

Kya!!kawaii taemin....XD
so cute~ahak..i think im gonna die with his cuteness...^///^
PS~found those pic at random google


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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My ToP 30 boY oVer FloweRs~X3

30~kim hyung joon ss501
29~chansung 2pm

28~kibum u kiss

27~junsu dbsk

26~yesung suju

25~lee jaejin ft island

24~heechul suju

23~seunghyun ft island

22~hangeng suju

21~daesung big bang

TOP 20

20~g dragon big bang

19~junsu 2pm

18~han chunglim

17~eunhyuk suju

16~yunho dbsk

15~kim hyun joong ss501

14~onew Shinee

13~kim bum

12~park haejin

11~seungri big bang

TOP 10

10~henry suju m

9~donghae suju

8~choi minhwan ft island

7~changmin dbsk

6~dongho u kiss

5~ niCkhyun~2pm

4~junho 2pm

3~kibum suju

2~ taemin shinee

and lastly~

1~minho shinee ^///^