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Monday, May 16, 2011

coed school woo taewoon's cake~happy belated bufday

jiho's present to his brother....sweet XD

ZICO's@ Woo Jiho (block B) Experiences And predebut Videos~

bcoz it is too many...i send a DL link..
credit goes to the various owner

Still~feat kyung and heota(?)-male answer

gang gang


origin of species live

map music~cho pd and verbal jint

Acquaintance ~song version

its all act~jung seulgi

iu marshmallow

bizniz hero music

faddy robot feat hyuna,junhyung,verbal jint,outsider and etc

its not over miss s

let me swing it

billion chuck mixtape

zico freestyle rap

mic swagger~freestyle rap


우히힛 ~lightning mixtape

도둑~lightning mixtape

ZICO (지코) feat. Uglyduck, Gganmo - Get 'Em High

billionaire feat hanhae

If I Ain't Got 짱개 (Bonus Track)

dead president

Zico & Kyung (Block B) - Turn Around

ZICO (Block B) - Interlude

ZICO (Block B) - I'm Still Fly

ZICO (Block B) - 4 My Town (Feat. Mino)

ZICO (Block B) - Wake Me Up

ZICO (지코) - 구역질 (Nausea)

ZICO (지코) - Release

ZICO (지코) - Top of Teenagers (ft. Andup)

ZICO (지코) - 운빨 (Red Cloud)

ZICO (지코) - Verbal Jint

ZICO (지코) - Attention

ZICO (지코) - 알렉산더 (Alexander)

ZICO (지코) - Mosquito

ZICO (지코) feat. Mino - Who am I

ZICO (지코) - 억척 (Billion Chuck)

ZICO (지코) - 정신차려, 친구 (Wake up, friends)

B1A4's pictures

OMG!! sandeul is so cute :3

zico's new hair

ahak kyopta lol :3

Saturday, May 14, 2011

BloCk B Pictures

b bomb

u kwon


ZICO pictures+his mom+coed taewoon+sulli

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Block B Pictures~200's Posts!!!!!!!~

b-bomb aka minhyuk

zico predebut

and zico again predebut

zico...kyopta.... predebut

zico again

park kyung

zico aka woo jiho...SWAG and hello kitty...

jaehyo...block b visual aka the most handsome

taeil the tiny man...

park kyung again