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Saturday, August 06, 2011

my block b bias list


3~kitty kwon


1~jiho @ jamaican beggar *~*

just read newsen report that someone dissing block b..calling them a failure and only rely on choreography and looks only and bla bla bla....that guy do not know the real reason why block b is famous~.....check that vid...ehem not that great their rapping skill...i hope kyungcumber came out with powerful dissing~ check kyung predebut diss track

bitchface muahaha

minhyuk is adorbs~

source~match up episode 5

ghost time~

im bored right now *~*

woo jiho update

someone at my school said he is not handsome.....heh

hul...dont bash lol.....

he maybe not handsome but he is cute ^^