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Monday, December 28, 2009

DbSk AnD BiG BanG+OtHeR

BIg BaNg

KpOp BaNd~

BlUr pOse By JaEjOOnG XD~DaEsUng Not HerE??
SeUnGri MeeT HiS IdOl JunSu..WhAt A sucH A CuTe fAnbOy XD
Gd:iM So DaRn TiREd~iM HaVe ThE SmaLLesT BoDy...u See??

FuNNy Ass Gd PaNtS~
yuNhO And ToP~sAmE V Pose

HaHaHeHeHuHu~all look Hot anD wAt Up WiTh JJ alWaYs At The Top of them??O_o
JuNsu:i Want gO uP 2>> XD

Im The BiGGeSt FaNZ Of ThEsE 2 VIP aNd CaSSiEs??HwAiTinG!!!


LEE TaEmIn~NiCe HaIr AnD HooDiE~hOttIe XDD
Jonghyun: Argh, my
Key + Taemin: (Looking over @ something interesting)

which one is more cute as girl??..i choose taemin..obvious right??

~ShIn DoNghO PiCtUrEs <3

DoNgHo And NaRsHa NuNa~13 YeaRs AgE GaP??OmO!!

dongho~nice cute smile...look like an innocent teenager <3

CuTeh!!!!!!!~i want 2 bite him 2 death!! ~(jinwoon 2AM tagline in idol maknae rebellion XD)

PreDeBut PiCtuRe~look Macho And MaturEd??

Man Man ha Ni MV~DrOp DeAd AbSoHeLLy GeOrGeOus XDD

2PM ~My CoLouR LyRiCs~

It's another JYP*
My (color) is a (color) you can never forget
Han beonman ppajimyeon neon keunilna x 4
My (color) is a (color) you can never forget
Han beonman neukkimyeon neon keunilna x4
(Ready to go) junbi dwaetnayo nae soneul japko hamkke naga jeogi dance floor mudaewiro
Nareul mitgo modu matgyeoyo geokjeongeun dwiro han chae eoseo naegero dagawayo
(Rideume matchwo) nawa hamkke heundeullyeoyo keudae pilyo han gakda julsu isseoyo
(Come one step closer) han georeum deo gakkai iriWaseo nareul neukkyeobwa eoseo

Repeat *

Neo ege boyeojugo sipeo namanui color
Keureoni kihoel jwo (gimme a chance)Na ege kihoel jwo (feel me)
Eodiseodo neukkyeoboji mothan kibundeullo gadeuk chaewojulke
Keureoni eoseo naege kihoereul jwo
(Rideume matchwo) jogeumssik nal neukkyeobwayo nuneul gamko naui hyangkie chwihaeyo(Come one step closer) neoui momeul gakkai iri
Nae gyeoteuro gajyeowa eoseo

Repeat *

Neon imi naege ppajigo isseo
Naui color e muldeureo gago isseo
Neodo moreuge
It's spreading all over your body and you can't resist

Ije neoneun naui color e jogeumssik jogeumssik muldeureo
Han beon ppajyeodeulmyeon keunilna ije nado molla
Naega bunmyeonghi gyeonggo haejana
Naega eolmana wiheomhanji nado naega neomu museowo duryeowo
Hajiman amuri jajehae boryeogo haebwadoInomui color chamkiga neomu eoryeowo

Repeat *(x2)

DoNgHo U KiSS PrOfiLe~



Real Name: Shin Dong Ho (신동호)
Also known as : Cute Maknae Dong Ho
Birth date: June 29, 1994 (1994-06-29)
Family: Parents, Older Brother
Talents: Golf, Drums, Chinese, Soccer
Facts: He studied in Beijing so he could communicate in Mandarin.
Trivia:♥Dongho is the maknae of the group, being born in 1994.
♥He once mentioned in 'Kiss the Dream' that although people expect him to act like a
grown-up, he likes his self as a kid.
* Extra Info: for a maknae, some people say he has a deep singing voice compared to the hyungs like Kevin


ABOVE~from left 2 right~nickhyun-chansung-junho



i did this for all new kpop mania..XD
from left 2 right~eli-dongho-alexander-kiseop-kibum-soohyun-kevin