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Friday, April 23, 2010

bowink~11 PM

well...tomorrow ish this time i am playing that damn slow internet...reading naruto,watching 2pm this is my comment for the 2pm new album~
1~khun's hair is very very suck!!!!....dye your hair back...nickhun oppa
2~well....without u's dance.....not very strong....i read comment and some people said they want to dance like shinee(idk?? but i think they refer to shinee dance style like dance using leg,more light and so on ...whateva la....yes..agree with them...2pm is more like tough man dance style) but i like dont stop cant stop perf...5 star.....BUT WHY ALL THE SONG IS SO EMOTIONAL??? let jaebeom alone ....JYP in trouble(WG's CD is worth as same as a bag of rice??)~dont bash me
3~right now 2pm is more 2 RNB??.....well using same tactics as SME??(SHINee song is loaded with RNB u know??? check yourself)and beast also more to RNB your life and maja song ish example.....they are forever and ever sing RNB song....but those song are nice than without u....HOHO
4~khun rap??not bad...HOTNESS OVERLOAD
5~maknae chansung is super duper hot XD
6~sleep is better at tis time lol