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Sunday, February 28, 2010

KPOP survey 1st part

journal.......(very lazy)

How did I get into them:after being suggested by my friend NFS....i search it and WOW!!!they such a hottie and talented....DBSK is my kpop founder..^^
Bias:changmin and yunho
Favourite song:many but if korean i like mirotic and rising sun
japanese~why didi i fall.........(lazy) and break out

Big Bang
How did I get into them:after watching their MV gara gara first i dont like them bcoz they were 2 much hiphoppies.....but in 2009 they change into better music
Bias:GD,daesung and seungri
Favourite song:lies and haru haru

How did I get into them:after watching man man ha ni and found out that dongho is younger than me about 3 months i guess X3.....he changed from kawaii into hotties :)
Bias: kevin+kibum (kemaru) and dongho...others is fine 2....recent addict is kevin X3
Favourite song: bingeul bingeul and man man ha ni

How did I get into them: Hm. Not really into them. But that love like this is awesome ur man~cool song...
Bias: kim hyun joong,kim hyung joon and kim kyu jong (all kim)
Favourite song: love like this and ur man

FT island
How did I get into them:after watched their MV i Hope at their also have sense of humour
Bias:song seunghyun,minhwan
Favourite song:i hope

How did I get into them:after watched their MV it and found out taemin is 1993.....after watching it back and can find out their member easily....not hard bcoz thir face not same(not like other group)....they were the most popular 2008 rookie group...and my love is rising after watching RDD MV.....
Bias: all...i cant choose...but first is taemin X3
Favourite song:RDD,jojo and other RNB song

CN bluE
How did I get into them:debut song im song...and handsome ullzang...jajaja
Bias: minhyuk and jung yong hwa hehe
Favourite song:im loner

Shock of the New Era

B2st new mini album

1~Just Before Shock
4~Take care of My Girlfriend

OK...not bad...i give 4/ yaw