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Sunday, June 06, 2010

kpop released~

2010.06.07 Code-V - SIngle
2010.06.07 In Sooni & Jang Geun Seuk
2010.06.07 Noblesse - Album
2010.06.07 M To M - Single
2010.06.08 Jang Yun Jeong - Album
2010.06.08 Ilac - Single
2010.06.08 Han Ji Eun - Album
2010.06.08 X-Cross - Single
2010.06.09 Infinite - Mini Album
2010.06.09 BMK - Single
2010.06.09 Love Age - Single
2010.06.10 KIm Yeon Woo - Mini Album
2010.06.10 Koyote - Mini Album
2010.06.11 Fresh Boyz - Album
2010.06.11 HaHa - Single
2010.06.14 Cho PD feat. BEG - Single
2010.06.16 As One - Single
2010.06.16 Baek Ji Young
2010.06.17 Dae Guk Nam - Mini Album
2010.06.18 Na Yoon Kwon - Single
2010.06.21 Navi - Single
2010.06.22 KCM - Single
2010.06.23 Bad Guy OST
2010.06.24 Mon Ji Eun - Mini Album
2010.06.25 Sool J - Album
2010.06.25 Shim Eun Jin (Baby V.O.X) - Mini Album
2010.06.29 Narsha - Mini Album

bila shinee nak wat comeback??? bulan julai or august or september or oct or nov or december or next year??? berjanggut dah aku tunggu

hi~bored stuff

just bored and want somebody i want 2 chew and spit it out(mblaq y eng lyrics :) )
today i want to write about 50 things about me...

1~im 16 years old this year
2~im kpop addict
3~sometime i can be otaku
4~im like to eat beef or chicken
5~my fav pet are cat,hamster,turtle and iguana
6~im act like a boy (sometime??) but im a gurl
7~my eye candy all the time are lee taemin,choi minho and of course shim changmin
8~in the class im oldest among the i can kick and shout at them...(especially zahidi uh i hate that guy!!)
9~my BFF is fatin and hazirah XD
10~in the class im very very jealous of zikri....he so damn clever
11~my good friend in the class are puteri,izreen,nadia,unnyah and farah and farah sya
12~i have big brother, aqmal
13~im sleep at 10 or 11 pm and wake up at 5 am (habit)....not very like 2 sleep at the evening
14~like 2 read fav all the time is naruto FTW ( sasuke sucks!!!!!)
15~i have collection of keychain,mugs,notebook,comics,perfume and many more
16~i used 2 like somebody but im forget his face right now T_T,
17~my height is approximaly 5'1 or 155 shortest among my cousin but i dont care bcoz im more wild and strong than them (my cousin ish weak and tembel)
18~im actually very tall among my friend when standard six..... my height is 150 cm when standard six
19~my currently weight is 42 kg.....
20~my birth of place is kuala lipis pahang...our PM also born at this place hahaha
21~i love playing games...fav games are disgaea,doom and all shooting type game
22~my present for upsr ish besta and ps2....but my present for pmr is not clearly enough what the heck i can get.... sob sob
23~my childhood friend is aizuddin and azlan......but im shy to talk to them right now
24~my best friend fatinxjiji....all my present that they give is mug...i think they do not notice it...but they just add my collection kamsahmida
25~drama that i watch right now is together......taiwanese drama...the actor in the drama is jiro wang(the one that in momo love)...but in this drama his awek also name momo
26~i had 2 admit that in my school doesnt have a boy that i like....several like rubbish and have mouth like longkang
27~my fav subject is chemistry,history and add math...but also dont like it sometime
28~i like a boy who are innocent,pure and do not act cute......boy who are younger than me is also ok hehe yunhanam??
29~if i have an opportunity i want to play violin and piano
30~my fav sport is basketball,softball and badminton....not forget chess???( i won against my friend...Bwahahaha...the rival i cant beat until now is my father)
31~im always puzzled my of the prob ish i always think it is hot when u grabbed somebody hand or kiss?? a pure gurl so i dont know...
32~the place i want 2 go is korea
33~i am very simple person
34~im a very patient and dont easily get mad...but if i mad i gonna @#$%^&*
35~very very like music
36~fav colour is red,blue and black...i hate pink colour...too girlish
37~i hate people talking about just shut up
38~fav song is ft island heaven
39~i hate english song bcoz there are too common
40~i hate justin bieber lol
41~i hate people say korean is gay....they are just jealous with their beautiful face
42~im like 2 be alone
43~people say im sombong but actually im very shy and silent with somebody i dont really know....huh dont judge me too early u fag
44~im very like 2 draw
45~i hate people who think he/she cute.....angkat bakul sendiri lar tu
46~hazirah said my voice like jap people when i talk at phone.......actually i dont know how my voice works
47~i hate shin dongho bcoz he act cute actually he is ugly...haha (actually i hate him when he annoy another member)
48~im like 2 clean my room....if too messy my head gonna to explode
49~im hard hearted person and keep secret and never broke my promise
50~last but not least....i want to learn hangul so bad

huhu so so many