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Monday, December 28, 2009

DbSk AnD BiG BanG+OtHeR

BIg BaNg

KpOp BaNd~

BlUr pOse By JaEjOOnG XD~DaEsUng Not HerE??
SeUnGri MeeT HiS IdOl JunSu..WhAt A sucH A CuTe fAnbOy XD
Gd:iM So DaRn TiREd~iM HaVe ThE SmaLLesT BoDy...u See??

FuNNy Ass Gd PaNtS~
yuNhO And ToP~sAmE V Pose

HaHaHeHeHuHu~all look Hot anD wAt Up WiTh JJ alWaYs At The Top of them??O_o
JuNsu:i Want gO uP 2>> XD

Im The BiGGeSt FaNZ Of ThEsE 2 VIP aNd CaSSiEs??HwAiTinG!!!

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