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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top 7 lovable maknae of kpop groups

Arirang Tv has done an online survey recently and has picked out the Top 7 Lovable Maknae of Kpop Groups. Guess whos Top? It is the unexpected Cho Kyuhyun from Super Junior. I thought shouldn’t it be Max Changmin from TVXQ or Taemin from SHINee? Don’t they look more pleasant and ‘lovable’ than Kyuhyun?
Wondergirls’ Sohee is the only girl who managed to enter into the top 7 and SURPRISINGLY, Girls’ Generation’s Maknae, Seohyun did not manage to get chosen.
Anyway, here are the chosen ones/winners.
From Top to Bottom:
1st : Kyuhyun from Super Junior

2nd: Max Changmin from TVXQ

3rd: SeungRi from Bigbang

4th: Kim Hyung Joon from SS501

5th: SoHee from Wondergirls

6th: Taemin from SHINee

7th: Chris from Battle

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