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Sunday, February 19, 2012

my comment on what happening between block b and 2pm

ok im actually very SHOCK...hoho.....the story starts when block b had interview at thailand....and im not quite sure what are they talking about....i think one of interviewer asks them what are their opinion about thailand flood....i think zico said that we can help them by giving 7000 won =$7?...and all the members laughed at a fan...i think block b is a bit overboard and rude but what can you expects?? there are all human just like us.....and top of that.....nickhun also add a fuel by critism them at the public(twitter)....i think nickhun has right to be angry but what the other 2pm doing??...they cannot but in because it can only add chaos...oh man.....on top of that the both fandoms also going overboard by bashing each a block b fan...we should admit that block b is wrong and they should apologise to the thailand people......furthermore.....nickhun also should not critise them in public when they have a promotion......when people start taking serious about them...and suddenly they became anti fan to block b...aigoo...and also to the fans...i think you all also should thinking what their parents feel?? top of that.. to the hottest....your oppas is also not a you forget about nickhun said about japanese eartquake? is more not being also hating when block b is such a rude to the thailand people....but im as a muslim...i remember when Nabi Muhammad (saw) also forgive his ummat....and as human can you forgive another person who made their mistake.....sorry about bad grammar

who ever post a bashing comment im gonna delete it...


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